I teach workshops for corporations and as well as indie teams and individuals. I teach at the world renown Second City and iO theaters. I have taught sold out workshops across the country and in Europe. 


As improvisers we are taught to listen by being in the moment, present and building together through our mantra "Yes and..." using these skills I have developed exercises that are designed to create a safe fun judgement free atmosphere where team building and listening come together. I have taught workshops for such companies as Chicago Booth, Pepsi, Nike, and a host of others. Sometimes we forget that as a team we are working towards the same goal, we get so caught up in our projects that we forget to listen to our team members. Improv creates community and I've found a way to translate that community feeling and teamwork to everyday business practices all while feeling the safety and joy one would get in a show.


Take your improv/sketch team to the next level with workshops designed to create tighter ensemble. I can also create workshops that are specific to your team. 


Looking for help on your solo show, or showcase. I have performed showcases for SNL, Just For Laughs, CBS Diversity and others over the years and can get your material ready for showcase season.