West side of Chicago born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days… actually I spent a lot of time as a child writing stories and making up brackets to play a black jack tournaments against myself. I grew up in a rough neighborhood with no street smarts or desire to give up my overactive imagination to fit in, I found ways to keep myself as well as others entertained,

At age 17 I was shot in the back, shining example of my lack of streets smarts. I almost died on the streets of Chicago. Refusing to let a little pesky thing like a bullet in the back stop me, I quit my job at the post office to pursue my dreams playing make believe. You might know it as improvised comedy. So boom! Wonderful example of my commitment and a never give up spirit!

Giving up riches for poverty, I moved to the north side of Chicago to learn comedy. To my surprise, Improv is a white male driven art form, yay improv! I decided to shake things up a bit so I helped to start and perform with an all African-American improv/sketch group, 3Peat. A group that excels and shows the true tenants of improv, which are team building, listening and yes anding all while having a blast.

My success in improv is attributed to always staying current with pop culture and politics because you never know what suggestions the drunken bachelorette party may shout out to you. You have to be ready.

I have been writing and performing sketch comedy for over 10 years at various world known comedy theaters in Chicago such as iO Comedy and Second City. My solo sketch was featured in the 2013 TBS Just For Laughs Fest. My late night talk show of which I was head writer and performed in as the President of the United States titled “Barack All Night!”, received 3 stars in The Chicago Tribune and ran successfully for 6 months.